Norton Sucks; Not Having Norton Also Sucks

Norton Thumb

Do you know that annoying anti-malware software that cannot download a picture without saying it has a virus? That one that always says there are 1647 problems with your computer the day after you bought it? The one that’s always like “Your computer would be dead without us.”?

Yeah, Norton AntiVirus Software.

Well, recently my yearlong free trial had expired and to be honest, I was as happy as a clam. No over-protection, no more problems, no more threats; it was a dream. That was until a pop-up ad appeared a second later.

Then another.

Then another.

There are five pop-up ads on my screen when I realize Norton had been protecting me that whole time. So, as a sensible person, I tried to renew it. It costs $70 to renew the darn thing every year. If I don’t get it, then there’ll be 24/7 pop-ups crashing my computer but if I do, I’ll be broke.

It also doesn’t help with Helvetica Neue taking over my computer as well…

If you want to join in this discussion, comment below! Have a great day/week/whatever and behold my drawesomeness!



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