Recently, desk basketball (desketball) has become a fad at my school and face it, it’s easy and fun. My friend came up with it a year ago, lost the net and recently it has been a huge hit. Every two desks there is a desketball net.

The teachers don’t like this. (Okay, fine they do. But they want them down away because they think it is a distraction.)

So they tell everyone to take them down from on their desks. Everyone does…but my friend rebels. My friend puts it inside his desk, along with a desk soccer/hockey net:


Luckily, the he teachers have not started caring about this situation and my friend can start ballin’ again. And heck, I have one too!

So, if you’re not allowed on the net during a boring test, there’s another net to replace it.

Peace out and behold my drawesomeness!



Special shout-out to Nick Donovan for creating this.


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