Hello everyone! Sorry I’m a little late for blogging. Busy busy and this blog post feels like an essay to write. Anyway, here is my daily recap of my week, and a few notes afterwards. I will also post some thoughts, no biggie. Anyway, without further ado: my week.


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I was on my way to Quebec with EFTours, an educational tours company. The bus was nice and the drive was 10 hours long. I had $50 to spend [NOTE: I HAD $50.] on food, drinks, snacks and souvenirs. I was in this luxury tour bus and I was there feeling carsick and bored. Mostly bored. So I write a journal entry:

Dear Journal,

This bus ride is LOOOONG. 10 hours, to be precise. We’re only half-an-hour into the trip and I have nothing to do. Should I eat my cracker chips? Mmmm… cracker chips. They taste really good in barbecue flavour. Is barbecue supposed to taste like an actual barbecue? Is it “barbecue” or “barbeque”? Possibly both. I was attempting to play RETRY on my iPod while my friend was playing Pokemon in French. We’re going to Quebec, it makes sense. The TVs on this bus look like first prototype iMacs on the ceiling every six seats or so. The chairs are comfortable, and this neck pillow is making it even comfier. “Comfy” is an odd word, it’s like you’re taking away the complete end of a word and adding “y”. Has the English language really come to that? It’s cray cray. I have to go, our next stop is three hours. I have to get ready. I’ll write later, but that’s not a guarantee.

So, three hours pass by. We finally got to a lunch break. Me and my friend go to A&W and we got two teen burgers with a coupon. I ordered an extra side of onion rings and a drink. We got back on the bus. At that time, I was not feeling carsick.

A few hours pass and finally the bus ride ended. Then we were at the cafeteria at Laval University. Please, NEVER have half-cooked lasagna and two cartons of chocolate milk all at once. It’s disgusting. Little did I know that before I ate it. Dinner ended and we headed to this Quebecois improv show. That this was hilarious! I played a game called “Finish the Sentence”. I had to finish the sentence of the improv actor when they tapped on my shoulder. For example:

“Oh no! I lost my hotel card! Wait, I have an idea. We will…” *taps on shoulder* “FIND IT!” “We will find it! Why didn’t I think of that?”

Then would occasionally mimic my laugh and everything was great. It was like a game show, and I was on the winning team. So, yeah!

Lastly, they did an improv skit on my teacher winning a hula hoop contest and being proposed to by a singer (though it never really happened; the proposing thing, not the hula hoop thing). She was 16 at the time, and according to the skit she yes and started salsa dancing. Our class burst out into laughter and needless to say, it was a good night.

We get to the hotel (Chateau Mont-Sainte-Anne) and it was great! In the room that I bunked in it was great, and I also shared it with three other friends! The hotel’s beds were comfortable, the TV was working and the bathroom was working properly (I heard rumours). We finally fell asleep talking about night terrors (great topic, people) and everything was great.


We woke up at 6:30 a.m. and our breakfast was at 7:30 a.m. It was a buffet, really good, blah blah blah. We got to see a movie about Samuel de Champlain and then it was lunch. Then I won a mug for saying “are you wearing a tricorn?” in French. The best part is, I don’t even know what “tricorn” is in French!

Me and my friends went to a poutinerie called “Chez Ashton”. I liked the poutinerie, and so did my other friend, but one friend didn’t like it. So we went to a candy shop called “Bec et BonBon” (Kiss and Candy) to get him a lollipop. That took 20 minutes. Then, afterwards, my other friend wanted him from there. By that time, the checkout line was 50 people long. ANOTHER 20 minutes we had to wait for him. We get out and it is 5 minutes left until we had to meet in our meeting point. Then my friend drops his wallet. Change comes flying everywhere. Me and my friend with the lollipop booked it. We lost patience and there was only 20 seconds left.

Afterwards, we went to a sugar shack. There were maple syrup things everywhere. My third friend also got a lumberjack outfit! Then my fourth friend (I have 23 friends at school) decides to eat an entire jar of maple butter. Then he ate 6 extra butter packets, and then something else.


He got sick.

So, we went to a chocolaterie and I bought the last HUGE ice cream sandwich for only five bucks. Not bad. Even one of the teachers was like “It’s good that you got that delicious ice cream sandwich, or else I would have to buy it and eat it.” Despite the tone she gave me, I said “Thanks!” and hopped away. It was delicious. And messy. But mostly messy delicious.

Then we went to these huge rickety suspension bridges over these huge waterfalls. It was cool. Then on the other side, there was nothing! So we had to go back through the bridges, up all 187 steps and by the end of it, I was tired. BUT, I got a good photo of myself (shown on the right).


I look more manly in person…

After lunch, we went to the the Basillica and then the Atelier Pare woodcarving studio and got to see a huge mural with Quebecois folktales and stuff. There was a gift shop, but on average the price was about fifty dollars. It was all hand-carved, but sheesh.

Then we had some freshen-up time at our hotel to get ready for a dance. Nobody freshened up, really. We were just there looking for the TV remote considering to change the channel. “Wild Kratts” was on. We did not want to watch that. So we searched and searched and searched. It turned out my friend who was sick in bed watching the show was hiding the remote. Uh-uh.

The dance came. Well, first, dinner came. It was a buffet and afterwards we got served cheesecake. It was good. Then another kid in another class decided to chug pitchers of cola. Like, all of them, no joke. Okay, THEN there was the dance. The dance cave was loud, humid, sweaty (literally, the floor and walls were wet) and overcrowded. At first, I was social cued into dancing, but then I was sitting in the quiet room right next to it. I only came in to dance to “Get Lucky”, “Timber”, and some other songs I can’t remember. “Gangnam Style” came on. When will it end!?

After two hours, it was 10 p.m. and the dance ended. It was freezing when we came out and I was overhydrated, again. I fell asleep at 11:30 and [continue on Thursday]


[continued from Wednesday] I woke up at 6:00 a.m.

Me and my friends packed up and we went onto the bus. What boredom. Sitting on a bus for five hours until we got to a lunch break. I ordered a chicken sandwich and a Stanley Cup donut from Tim Horton’s, Not knowing the donut was Boston Creme, I stuck my finger into the middle of it. Never making that mistake again.

Another five hours, we were on the bus. When I finally came home, I fell asleep almost immediately.


It was a half day today, so there was no real schoolwork. In gym class, I got nine people out in dodgeball! That’s a new record. The main reason I came today though, was to say goodbye to my friend moving to Scotland. He’s no longer a boy anymore…he’s a laddie now.

Today (Yesterday, actually)

I went around pledging for charity (I did really well) and watched a LOT of “How I Met Your Mother”. Finally, I procrastinated about writing this blog post, oh boy.

Ke$ha’s song “Timber” is kind of implying that she’s a lumberjack. My friend just recently bought a lumberjack outfit he has been dying to get and “Timber” is his favorite song. Wait a minute!………dang it. Never mind. I thought I was onto something.

Qutb Minar is a really odd name… for anything.

The tricorn is a homophonous advertisement for the corn farmers of Canada.

This Week’s Crossword: For Better or For Norse


This is my first themed puzzle so far and it sprang to mind when I saw something in 17-Across. I made this one a while ago and I hope you enjoy it. If you have any ideas for themes or seed entries, put it in the comment section below. It needs to be appropriate though. Otherwise, thanks!

To access the .puz file, get this awesome software!

Have a great day/week/whatever and remember to behold my drawesomeness!


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