HI MOM! I’m Back!

Hello everyone, I’m back! How were you? The family’s okay? Great. Anyway, here is my daily recap of my week, and a few notes afterwards. I will also post some thoughts, no biggie. Anyway, without further ado: my week.


Does anyone reading this blog watch “How I Met Your Mother”? I know the series has ended, but I am finally starting to watch it. I started yesterday and, so far, I am at the sixth episode. [NOTE: If the show was called “How I Met Our Mother”, the acronym would be “HI MOM”.] I really want to read Barney’s Blog, though. [NOTE: Also, discover 23 more similarities between women and fish.]

My dad actually recommended that considering at least I have some people that read this blog (hopefully), that I should post my crosswords here. So if you want to try one, see below.


A girl me asked if I thought I was attractive. Thinking carefully, I cleverly said ‘Well, if I say ‘yes’, I’d sound too solipsistic. If I say ‘no’, I’d sound too bad of myself. So I have no opinion.’ She gave me a look as if I ran over her puppy. I should’ve said ‘yes’.

I walked up to a friend of mine that looked like Benedict Cumberbatch and I said “does anyone at school say that you look like Benedict Cumberbatch?” He denied it, luckily, and I responded with “Not even in elementary, my dear Watson..?. I chuckled, but he didn’t get it. Hmm. Does anyone want to play Benedict Cumberbatch/Otters 2048? It’s fun. And if you liked that… Flappy 2048. You’re welcome.

I’m helping my school with its talent show because there was never supposed to be one this year. It is now confirmed there is. It’s odd, everyone’s doing an act with music or dancing, which I find really overdone. Like, I’m doing one too, but seriously, isn’t there a billion other talents out there? There are a few people doing karate, and…that’s really it. Nobody’s doing anything “out there” like juggling or anything like that. I know how to juggle balloons, but that’s not really a true talent, they’re balloons. My pop wouldn’t be so proud. Get it? Pop? Because balloons can–never mind.

Today, the school got security cameras as well, but it’s not like anything interesting’s going to happen to make them useful…ha!


I went to my utensil drawer and pulled out a fork and knife. I was eating cereal. Has this ever happened to ANYONE before??? Today my friends and I were playing a game called “Ultimate Frisbee”. It’s a combination of soccer, American football, not soccer, and Frisbee. Although everyone knew they were playing with a Frisbee, whenever they wanted to receive it, they would say “PASS THE BALL!” Did I mention I’m in a gifted classroom? They’re awesome!


Don’t you hate it when you get hit in the face with a dodgeball? It’s not fun, right? Today happened to me that day; and I wasn’t even playing dodgeball. Like, I get in when I’m playing and people are trying to get me out, but when it’s hurdling at me at 1,000 km an hour [NOTE: that’s a hyperbole]…ouch. And to think, my head ricocheting off of that genuine dodgeball that smacked my head on the brick wall beside me caused no more than a numbed cheek for three seconds. Lucky.

I’m reading the book “Maze Runner” and so far it is a weird an interesting book. There’s a kid, Thomas, trapped in a dystopian society with no one but teenage boys. So, this Thomas kid, he runs into the maze and something else. (Scroll over for spoiler.) I texted the Benedict Cumberbatch-lookalike “BWAHAHA” a billion times… I now realize that was a bad idea.


Today was the day the talent show auditions were held. It was okay, though the karate kids never showed up. There were some good acts that showed up though, like a little girl doing the Macarena while hula-hooping. Talk about a super hula-hooper! And there was a group of kids doing the Gangnam Style. I honestly never thought I would hear that song again, yet I did. They DID pull it off though, believe it or not. Then there was a drummer, two singers, a guitarists and NO juggling acts. When will that catch on? Even if it is with balloons! [NOTE: Half of the kids in my school are allergic to latex, never mind.]


This was the day one of the school’s teachers lost her mark-book. Now, this isn’t terribly interesting at first, but then she was getting texted ransom notes. First it was in the staff room, then the office, then the staff washroom, then the garbage can, then in was above an open flame! The teacher was running to find it. Did I mention the school got new security cameras? Now, it turned out the other teacher took it. But then, our teacher’s day-plan-book was missing. It was not the teachers who stole it, every one of the students had to do with it (but not me…pshaw), and she never got it back. Well, not that I know. It wasn’t the teachers’ faults, it was ours (the other students’…but not me and a few others’). Yeah, so that happened.

I’m wondering if XSCAPE (Michael Jackson’s new album) is a good crossword entry. Any opinions?


Today was the say my grandma turned “43 multiplied by 2”, to put it nicely. Relatives came over, we had cake, great, pip-pip cheerio.

Now I’m getting ready for a school trip to Quebec (and blogging, of course). This is a four-day school trip and I have a feeling I’ll love it! Now, I need to pack; enjoy the tidbits and the crossword!

The music video for TWIN TWIN’s “Moustache” makes it look like the song’s about an evil game show host, no lie! Check it out. It’s a Eurovision song.

My motto is “Exuude confidence.” With two Us, like in ‘vacuum’ or ‘space-time continuum’.

Tidbit is one letter away from Timbit. Isn’t that an interesting Timbit tidbit of information!

This Week’s Crossword: Themeless #1


This is my first puzzle so far and my seed entry was 1-Across. It took me 12 hours to create this puzzle (new record!) and I hope you enjoy it. If you have any ideas for themes or seed entries, put it in the comment section below. It needs to be appropriate though. Otherwise, thanks!

To access the .puz file, get this awesome software!

Have a great day/week/whatever and remember to behold my drawesomeness!


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