The Golden Dictionary


Yesterday I went to an awesome fair. It was boffo (stupendous) as you could say. There was large pumpkins, friendly cattle, horses and more types of equines. Unfortunately, that did not include zebras. Although, I did see a porcupine in a petting zoo…not the best idea.

There was large fries cut right in front of you with pure gravy (hot an delicious) and burgers that were pretty tasty. We also played a squirt the water game and won a minuscule stuffed lizard.

Now about the dictionary, we went to the book sale across the street and found three of these golden lexicons, I got one of them for the price of a mere donation. It’s awesome, it has an abbreviation dictionary plus a section for musical terms.

Tomorrow’s Thanksgiving and I hope you all have a great time. So talk to you on Tuesday, have a great day!


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