Getting Overhydrated Stinks

The other day at school it was a pretty weird day. There was two large bottles of pop, music, and way too many group hugs. Here’s how it went down:

There’s a girl in our class leaving to Wasaga Beach and this was her last day. Everyone planned a party for her and people signed up to bring snacks. I didn’t sign up, but I brought baby carrots (everyone ate it up). So it started that everyone hid when Linda (real name withheld) walked into the classroom. Everyone jumped up and said “WE’LL MISS YOU!!!”. Me, not catching on, said “WE’LL Muh..” and mumbled below everyone else’s voice.

Then came the reading of a HUGE card that everyone, including me, signed. There was a great poem inside the card, and Linda loved it. Then came the presents. One person brought a gift, Linda’s best friend. Turns out she got a blank t-shirt and some “really cool” socks.

Then stuff happened; the buffet was open. The bartenders, Thing 1 and Thing 2 (names also withheld) were acting like the have done the drink business forever. They were pouring sodas like NO tomorrow.

Meanwhile, there was Jello brought in. It was like delicious jelly slop until someone brought a spoon. The cake was nice as well, we ate it with our bare hands and put slices in cups. We had plates, but we used cups.

During the middle of the party, me, Thing 1 and Thing 2 decided to have a contest. The contest was that the one who drank the most water wins. Honestly, I gave up first because I was laughing too much at how stupid the idea was and I didn’t want to squirt water out if my nose. Then Thing 1 kept drinking. Then Thing 2 got an empty 7up bottle and chugged a bunch of water. Thing 3, dumbly enough, did the exactly same thing.

Long story short, that made us feel terrible.

So then the party ended, everyone was stuffed with candy, moaning, and then it was lunch.

Overall, awesome party and I hope Linda the best!


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