Hello, Once Again!

Hello everybody, I’m back! I’m terribly sorry I haven’t been blogging in a while, I tried to catch up doing a doodle a day and it was too much. But today was the day I decided to keep blogging, because first, I am literally SICK of the free Polar Pops they are giving away at Mac’s (which are really freezing cold fountain drinks) and second,  I was bored waiting for the 49,999,999,999th person to download something on the App Store so I could win a $10,000 iTunes gift card for downloading the five billionth app. And before I go any further, let me just say: I WON’T be doing this everyday, just to clarify that.

So, I’ve been doing a lot lately. Yesterday I was hosting our school’s mini Me to We Assembly which our class and the other gifted class had been working on for like a month, but everyone likes to call it co-hosting because I was doing it with another person, but I can think what I want.

The day before, I was working on my talent show audition. The funny thing is I signed up for TWO DAYS EARLIER, even though I meant to go to the May 1st audition. Why did I go the day after May 1st instead of May 1st you ask? Well, I DID go to the May 1st audition. I had my CD ready and my lyrics 98.7 percent memorized and I was as excited as a kid going to a talent show audition. I was going to be one of the last people to audition because I sign up for the day before, like I mentioned. Anyways, at the auditions, I had to watch other people perform and was actually quite entertaining, at some times. There was SO many dance routines and singing because the teacher who was doing the auditioning LOVES dancing and music. People think everyone did it because that was everyone’s talent, but I think everyone was just trying to win her over.

Oddly enough, when most girls sang for their talent show auditions, they sang Taylor Swift songs. Like 6th graders have to complain about that they’ll only be “a new notch” on some boy’s belt…

Another thing in the auditions was a puppet show. I (being not 6 years old) was really excited for this because I LOVED doing puppet shows when I was younger. So some kids set up a cardboard box on the stage and put on their sock puppets. I was beaming with joy. I waited for them to stop setting up. It took me 30 seconds to realize that they weren’t just setting up, scrambling the box around and getting their hands in place, but they actually started. Weird part is when someone is doing a puppet show, you can SEE the puppets, I couldn’t. Eventually, I was called down along with my friend to the library for the Me to We assembly planning. So the judges or the “whatever-they’re-calleds” put me on stage.

I forgot to mention, I was doing singing for my audition, a cartoon medley to be exact. I had never done that before, so it was worth a shot considering I love cartoons. It took me about one day (in the last minute) to create the instrumental and I wanted it to be as good as this guy:

So the tech crew inserts the CD and I was waiting for the music to start splurging out. It didn’t. The tech team said it was an invalid file and then I found out that I burned it onto a DVD. So I burned it again on a CD at home. Then I tested it out: IT WAS SAVED AS A STINKIN’ DATA CD!!!

Sorry about that, but that is apparently my default CD setting. *unhappy face* Anyways, I redid the burning with another CD considering I couldn’t erase the data from my other one and luckily *happy face* I got the music CD burned.

The next day was piano auditions and I had to sing in the HALL. So, long story short, I kept restarting the music, I sang well, I was nervous and shaky but I got in!

Yeah, other than that was just YouTube stuff. Sorry about this long post, (I’ll make up for it in a second) but thank you for reading this post, I’m glad to know your still interested in my blog and instead of a doodle or two today from me or my brother, here are some cartoons for all you readers out there: (but remember, I’m a novice, I’m not that great.)

Like I said, thanks, and BEHOLD MY CARTOONINESS!


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