Doodle-a-Day #19: The Scar

thescar1 copy

In December, I wanted to create an “AD” magazine for my dad for Christmas. (You know, ’cause I’m ADam, the magazine being parodied is Mad. And quite ironically, I am parodying a parody magazine.) Anyways, I didn’t get that done because

  1. I had no time, and
  2. I couldn’t find a decent pro magazine publisher online.

So, I didn’t get around to making it. So I’m just asking every user who sees this to give me some wacky headlines or funny ad ideas (based on real products) for “The Scar” above because I REALLY want to see the finished product of this. And when it’s done, I guarantee I’ll post it on the website. So please submit ideas, keeping doing the doodle challenge, and please behold my drawesomeness! And also, buy my products on Zazzle, I’m saving up for a Mac.



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