The Year In Review (for me)

Today, I’m gonna take time to refect on this year. That doesn’t mean MY year, I mean, the whole world’s year (with my opinion). I’m going to list the top 5 things of 2012 because I ran out of time. And number one is:

1. Gangnam Style

In retrospect, it was sort of obvious. It’s top of the Youtube charts, used to be top of the iTunes Charts and now it’s the most payed music video out there. There are tons of instrumentals for it out there, it’s been parodied tons of times, and now there a Gangnam Style for every venue, including Lord of the Rings:

It is a song that most non-Koreans don’t understand but love anyways. Because if the people didn’t like it, Phineas and Ferb wouldn’t be doing it:

2. Call Me Maybe

You can say what you want about this song, but it grew a life of its own. Carly Rae Jepsen has become famous for this. Have you ever seen a bunch of seniors singing a teenage pop song?

It was featured as well in the Youtube Rewind 2012, so honestly, how good of an honour is that?

3. The Election

I’m Canadian, but really, almost every Canadian person age 10 or over who have cable watch the election. I don’t know why, but it’s really entertaining in a way.

With Obama, punctuating, almost everything, with commas, and watching his hand gestures, playing invisible instruments, it’s quite interesting.

And then there’s Mitt Romney. I never really liked him.

So as of 2012, the U.S.A. had become an Obama nation, (not abomination, that’s just cruel). But if I were him, I would consult my spellcheckers:

5. Felix Baumgartner


Where are my flowers!!!

First of all, with a name like Baumgartner, you could be doing anything. You could be teaching dynamite to weed, and teaching explosive how to plant, and, oh yeah, falling from space. It’s ridiculous how much that costs, though. People could be spending that money on charities.

As 22 Minutes once said, one small jump for man, one GIANT commercial for Red Bull.

5. Grey Cup

Face it, I’m not a big sportsman, and I wouldn’t watch football if it weren’t for somebody, but really, I loved it! My whole family was gathering together, watching the game. I watched the first part, then I went downstairs to hang out with my brother in the basement.

I snuck down the basement with my bedroom TV remote and planned a prank on everyone upstairs. I crept up the stairs (where everyone was in a trance from the football game) and hid behind the couch. Nobody saw me. Then, I changed the channel to 2. Then I ran quietly down the creaky stairs trying not to laugh. I did it ten times, it was priceless. Overall, good game.


So, I hope you have the best of the year, kwwp reading my blog, cocka-DOODLE-doo and behold my drawesomeness!


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