Presenting my Interview

Today, I read the daily prompt again. The other prompts had been about sharing life stories and such, but this one caught my attention:

Write a Q&A-style interview with an inanimate object.

So I’m doing it today. Now presenting my present for my show:

Inanimate Interviews!

presentNow, in my presence… (See what I did there?) Mr. Present!

Wow, it’s just an honour to be here really.

Hold your horses, you were the first one I saw, really. I would’ve interviewed the trash bag if I didn’t know I could be asking what I got for Christmas tomorrow.


Nothing! Anyways, what is it like wearing a thin layer of wrapping paper as a winter’s coat?

Winter’s coat? Please, it couldn’t be MORE cold. This is more like a “temperature-on-Jupiter” type of coat!

It is acidic on Jupiter, so why would go to Jupiter wearing a holiday coat? The Jupiterians could get confused.


interviewing presents

Anyways, how was it like meeting Santa?

Actually, your parents gave me to you. Although, Monopoly, my cousin, actually got to meet Santa. He told me all about it. He really never talked to him, that would’ve been weird.

Tell me about it.

(opens mouth)


(closes mouth)

So, what do you contain?

Wait, who are you again?

Um, Waldo?

I’m not tellin’ you!

Fine. Now, my last question. Are you scared about your skin being torn off, ripped apart, put to waste and having your insides torn out as gifts.


This has been Reporter Adam investigating the life of a present!

Wait, about the being torn apart thing…

Merry Christmas and Behold my Drawesomeness!

Oh golly…


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