It All Ended with a Big Bang

Okay, so if you are a believer in the Mayan Calendar and you were freaked out about what might’ve happened yesterday, hate to say this, but you were wrong. The end of the world is only a myth created by a race of man who couldn’t predict their own demise. (By the way, my friend said that.) There was never going to be an apocalypse, or a freak storm, or a meteorite, or a zombie apocalypse. What dumbo had been watching too much “Walking Dead” to believe that there would be a zombie apocalypse? Talk about crazy, right?


I actually believe they did run out of room on their 3000 year calendar and eventually created a new one which was lost in the mists of time. Weird, right?

Anyways, talking about big bangs, I’ve been really hooked on this show called “The Big Bang Theory”.  My main two reasons are:

  1. Sheldon: He’s a theoretical physicist and a very specific guy. His “exact-to-the-point-that’s-my-spot” humour cracks me up.
  2. And second, the theme song: History of Everything. I don’t know if it’s because of the fast-paced rhythm or the lyrics but it is one of my favorite theme songs ever. Go see for yourself:

I’m actually creating a parody of it called the “History of Anything“. It’s like, my version of the theme song. I’ll be posting what I have of it in my new “Song” page that’s I’m going to create, but right now, here’s the album cover for the in progess song:

history of anything 001

Yeah, I want to create a webshow in the new year’s called “Geronimo and Gerald” so I’ll be using that song in there somewhere.

So, stay tuned for me to write about 2012, keep those doodles safe, don’t worry about any more apocalypses soon and of course, behold my drawesomeness!

Oh yeah, by the way, here’s a little treat for you, readers:


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