Dear Santa…

Dear Santa,

There are three things I want for Christmas:

  1. A MacBook Pro Laptop (13 inch/retina display)
  2. A professional video camera (optional)
  3. and finally, snow.

Mother Nature, (probably a good friend of yours) has decided to pile up towns like Barrie and Iqaluit with snow and blizzards when where I live, not a snowflake can be found, no lie. Why is that? I know it’s not an effect of global warming.

Please, Santa, consider these gifts for me, and remember I’ve been as good as I can this year, and I mean it. Thanks for reading this, Santa, and if you want to, read the rest of this blog post. Your choice.


Adam Nicolle


Dear readers,

The thing above is my letter to Santa Claus. Please do not make fun of it or anything else because you know, I am only ten (soon to be eleven).

Anyways, sorry I haven’t been writing in like, a week, but today I’m gonna make up for it. Let me just recap my crazy week and then I’ll do the doodle.

Earlier this week, lunch has been a problem for me. Not because I don’t like sandwich meats or the Decadent Chocolate Chip Cookie bars are too small, it’s because there’s this girl in my class walking up to my desk everyday, giving me creepy smiles and looking me straight in the eye. I don’t know why that is, but it’s really freaking me out…

Remember that Me to We post I did a month ago? Well, our class decided what our local charity fundraiser is going to be: food banks. Well, our class had to go to another class to make posters. But instead of MAKING posters, we had to COLOUR them. So, technically everyone in my class was confused by that. I had to also create a poster on the computer for the Me to We food bank, so I skyrocketted my hand up into the sky for that because my Photoshopping skills are quite good. Well, my friend got picked for that. He said he couldn’t find a “bubble font”, so he asked the techno computer expert in my class. He couldn’t find it as well, so I volunteered.

Apparently, this was a WordPerfect word announcement poster that we were supposed to colour in. I’m not a big fan of that, but hey, I’d give it a shot. I actually FOUND a bubble font, so “yay!”.

Anyways, before I start yammering about anything else, here is my doodle:

Actually, my brother’s doodle. He’s an awesome drawer. This was actually his school project.
So, if you have no snow yet, hang in there, if you can’t wait till the holidays, hang in there, and please behold my drawesomeness!


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