The Art of Vector Imaging

Christmas Boy (iPad)

Christmas Boy (iPad)

Have you ever wondered what your cartoons would look like if they were a real cartoon? I’ve asked that question a lot myself, just for the curiosity of it. Well, now I know. Thanks to InkPad. InkPad is a vector-imaging (don’t know what that is) illustrator app created by TapTrix Inc., the creators of Brushes as well. So, to be completely honest, this developer is an artist on the go’s dream.

Now, if you haven’t noticed, I have a wallpapers page. That’s because I’ve been thinking. I realize that every so often, I’m going to create a wallpaper for your iOs devices or Androids, and you are going to struggle to find them. “Why should I get one of YOUR wallpapers?” you ask. Well, there’s three reasons:

  1. They’re simple
  2. They’re colourful
  3. They’re free

Please consider getting a wallpaper on the “Wallpaper” page. That would mean a lot. The app actually cost five dollars for me. That’s actually how much money I usually get for allowance.

Hmmm…. I have no other things to say, so download my wallpapers, do the doodle challenge and please behold my drawesomeness!


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