This Seems a Bit Chewie…

Today, I’ve decided to go modern and do a bit of Angry Birds Star Wars, for my brother. Throughout this post I will be attempting to do some Star Wars puns. Most of which I’ve luked up on the internet. See?

Anyways, the above drawing is like I said, Angry Birds Star Wars.  If you notice, they’re all wearing Luke Skywalker uniforms. I thought it was easiest to draw, so I did. Now to prepare to do a C3P0 one… I actually submitted this drawing to the Angry Birds Star Wars fanart page on Sunday, but it hasn’t come through yet. So I wasn’t really that wookiee. They said it had to be an appropriate drawing/caption. And I thought mine was fine.

“Here’s what you get when you get all the Angry Birds and slap them into a Luke Skywalker outfit!”

Apparently, they think the word “slap” is a big no-no. What’s with that? And the funny part is, I can barely draw the birds in their original form but I can when it’s Luke Skywalker. That’ll give you something to chewie on.

Anyways, please remember the doodle challenge on the Digital Paintbrush page, please give me some more Star Wars puns just for the enjoyment of it, and like always, behold my drawesomeness!


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