The Digital Paintbrush: Dots


Remember the Brushes app I told you about on the first doodle challenge which nobody has even bothered doing? Well, I was experimenting with layers today and I got both the picture above and the picture below.


This is the “Digital Paintbrush”. It’s a segment I’ll be doing every so often. I’ll be doing something crazy with digital software and showing you it. Like this:


Anyways, I’ve decided to change the Doodle Challenge till Sundays. And to make this interesting, the winner of the doodle challenge gets a free links to the exclusive “How to Draw” pages that can teach you how to create what I draw on the site. You wanna draw a dot painting like above?


Anyways, be free to download my pictures as wallpapers, have fun drawing, remember to do the doodle challenge from above and please behold my drawesomeness!


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