Hi, this is me, mrdrawerguy again. This week I saw the weekly writing challenge. It was the theme of green. Considering I’m writing this whole thing on my iPod, I don’t think I can do any tiled galleries here. I don’t care if the challenge is over or not, I’m still going to do it.

The above drawing is a drawesomeness I made last year. At school we had to do an art project that uses foreground, background, and middle-ground. We had to do it with trees. I didn’t want plain old trees. So I mangled it up. I spelt my name (ADAM) in the trees. Best part is, I didn’t have to write my name on the back!


This drawing is actually a craft my brother made. You know, the addictiosiac? (I told you I’d use one of those words in less than a month!) Anyways, I’m pretty sure he told me he made it last year. The craft is a picture of a cat. He loves cats as much as Angry Birds. ‘Nuff said.

This drawesomeness is a recent one. It has all (okay, most) types of green medium. Pastel, paint and pencil crayons. I forgot about crayons. Do you wanna hear what inspired this to be created?
A few days ago, we had an anti-bullying assembly at our school. At the beginning, two soccer players were bouncing soccer balls off their heads, knees, you name it. Once everyone got into the gym, the soccer players started talking. They said they were “Freestyle Soccer” players. They talked about bullying one third of the time. I could obviously see they wanted more soccer playing time. They were doing volunteers for activities and I was raising my hand up high to get picked. But then some people decided to jump up in front of me so I was barely noticable. The bummer to is, if you got chosen, you got a prize, which is pretty unfair to me. They got to show some cool moves and started dancing with their soccer balls, but it wasn’t the best performance ever.
So that’s what I have to say. Kids, if your having a P.D. Day, have fun and remember to behold my drawesomeness!


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