It Got Instagram’d

The writing challenge on the WordPress blog said something about an Instagram feature and I want to do that but quite frankly I don’t know how. And frankly, I didn’t have an Instagram account, until now.

I took another picture of my “Father and Son” painting using the Instagram app. Although I had to use an account first. So I made one. I took a picture and all the editing choices were “tone, tone, sepia tone”, no touch-ups or anything like that. But still, I have a version of Photoshop which is pretty outdated so I’m not “the bomb” with photo softwares.

The painting is about an abstract father and son.

That’s it.

I put no real meaning into it, it’s just an abstract father-son bonding that just poured out of me. I tried to make it something where there is splatters of colours which outline a shape but that decided to fail so I ended up outlining it with brown. Blech. Then I did light orange. Ugh. So I did it COMPLETELY orange. I finally got it right.

My painting was painted on a HUGE canvas. I bought it at my daily art store. They have markers and canvases and ink brushes, sketchbooks and it was awesome! I love going there. It’s artist heaven. Do you know an art store like that?

They’re awesome.

So WordPress, I did your Instagram idea. But next time, please tell me, what button in this crazy control panel makes my blog Instagram’d? And while I’m at it, WordPress, please behold my drawesomness!


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