Doodles and Wallpapers

To make things interesting, I’ve decided to put a cool contest into my blog called “Doodle Challenge”! Sounds weird? Let me explain. I’ll make an unfinished doodle and you’ll print it out and complete the doodle. Then you scan it into your computer or take a photo of it then send it to me. This week’s doodle challenge is:

  The winner is featured next week when I’m announcing the next doodle challenge. All entries due Thursday.

So do you want to see my new drawesomeness? Of course you do. This one is actually a wallpaper for your iPad if you have one, so you should really check it out:

  It’s a cat. One of my various likings. My brother says it sorta creeps him out, but I don’t know how so. It’s great for my iPad:

If you want to download it,  just press “Save Image” on your iPad and go into Settings. There will be a tab called “Brightness and Wallpaper”. The rest is self-explanatory. (P.S. These images were made using Brushes.)

So please enter the contest, download the wallpaper and please behold my drawesomeness! And please answer the poll.


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