Play Lexicographer

Today, as many of my viewers may notice, I have suggested a topic “a.k.a. Daily Prompt” to talk about and I, only to respect myself, will create a word and explain the meaning.

  • interacteriophobic n.
  • (variations: interacteriophobiainteracteriophobiac)
  • Fear of the bacteria you get when interacting with someone.
  • Etymology: interact + bacteria + phobic

I will promise I will have used one of these words in my blog within the next month so look out. Next there’s:

  • addictiosion n.
  • (variation: addictiosal, addictiosiac)
  • The state of finding yourself addicted to an iOS game. Or any mobile game in that matter.
  • Etymology: addict + iOS + ion

My brother’s an addictiosiac. He LOVES Angry Birds as I had mentioned before. Angry Birds Star Wars came out yesterday and he loves it. Check out the link. Now for the final word.

  • nescio vos decantabat phr.
  • The phrase to describe that time where you started singing a random song without knowing it.
  • Etymology: Latin for “don’t know you sang”

Okay, I hope you enjoyed this, sorry for the no drawings but I guess you should still behold my drawesomeness!!!


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