Halloween Costumes and Oxygen Demos


Happy after-Halloween! So, do you wanna know what my costume looked like? It looks awesome doesn’t it! I thought my mom did a good job with the fez.

So I’m writing this post so review how my Halloween went. I finished my Grunkle Style first of all! It’s really good. I’ll put up a link to the lyrics soon. And second, my Grunkle Stan pumpkin turned out great!

  For all of you next year, print out my carving by clicking on the “My Name is Grunkle”  link on the home page and right clicking the stencil and pressing “Print Picture”.  We actually had three pumpkins, a butler, a cat and Grunkle.  Pretty cool. We got to make roasted pumpkin seeds for the first time. So good they met their way into the compost. They were quite tasty though. My brother was a cat for Halloween and it was the same costume from two years ago.
It was cute.

   I got tons of candy (one LCBO bag full) and my brother got two (Halloween) bags full. It was great. I got tons of chips and even caramel corn!  Too bad I ate the thing already…although, it does get stuck in your teeth.

   The reason I hadn’t written about this sooner is because I was testing out my blog look. It no longer has that fancy-pantsy look, more like a magazine-ish look. I had trouble operating the front page slider as well. But it’s now good. I used an app called iResizr to resize my images to fit the slider. Thus the Dalek eyeball and the weirdness of it.

 So I hope you had a great Halloween. Get ready for snow ’cause it’s coming and don’t forget to BEHOLD MY DRAWESOMENESS!


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