A Falling Dalek


My picture is pretty straightforward. It has a Dalek from Doctor Who falling into the ocean and it has a large backstory. And if you do not know, a Dalek is a robot from the British sci-fi show Doctor Who. Now this might sound a bit geekish or sci-fi-y, but do you think Daleks are real? Or is this just a boring fish eyeball?


Reports have said that a giant unknown eyeball had been spotted at Pampano Beach in Florida. That eyeball was the one seen above. Could it be a Dalek eyestalk? This is spcrazy and just a story I made up. But it’s believable. So here it goes…
Pampano Beach has the waters from the Atlantic Ocean. And in one of the early Doctor Who episodes, a woman named Mary Celeste was traveling the Atlantic Ocean when she first encountered the Daleks, The Doctor and the TARDIS (the crazy blue traveling box). Now let’s say a Dalek fell into the ocean (diagram above) while that happened. The eye must’ve cracked off.
That eye must’ve rusted a bit and dented and got covered with icky muck pollution from the sea such as people throwing “candy cakes” into the sea and whatever those ships are throwing into the ocean nowadays. The wind and the waves must’ve blown it onto the Pampano Beach.

Then I can tell you the story that makes sense. A large fish got severely injured and the eye came right off explaining the fleshy stuff on the side. The man who found it said it was STILL bleeding when he put it into a plastic bag. All that info was found here.

The First Doctor was so long ago it would be impossible for it to be still bleeding, or even bleeding at all ’cause it’s a ROBOT. Anyways, sorry there wasn’t as much drawing as there was science project in here. I found it so amusing I wanted to blog about it.

Now before you leave, remember to send in fan art to my email and never forget to behold my Drawesomeness!!!


One response to “A Falling Dalek

  1. I came to tell you that I loved your prompt suggestion for the Daily Post, and now I have to say that I’m in definitely awe of your drawesomeness. Daleks, and weird science in one post? *swoons*

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