From the Sketchbook

Do you have a sketchbook? If you do, what type of sketchbook? One of those cheap 60-page ones you get from the dollar store, or one 100-200 sheet large sketchbook you get from your local art store? No matter what you might think, I use a large 100-sheet Canson sketchbook and I’m not even half done doodling in it! It’s so handy for a creative and artistic mind.

Anyways, we’re not here to talk about sketchbooks. We’re here to talk about drawings. The first few drawings I’m going to show you are NOT mine, they’re my brother’s. He’s eight years old and his drawings are really cute. So here we go!

I told you yesterday that my brother loved Angry Birds. I wasn’t kidding. My brother drew these and I outlined them. (Look at the expression on the pig’s face…) He always complained he was a bad drawer. And to be honest, it looks awesome!

Perry the Platypus. But with a fedora? Me and my brother love watching Phineas and Ferb. That’s all I drew about last year. I think he made it nice, and the expression says it all.

(By the way, I took these pictures with my iPod so it’s not exactly “good quality”)

Ahhh!!! The disco ball’s about to fall on the girl’s head. We were watching Sonny With a Chance when he came up with this one! The guy on the right has no idea what the heck is going on. Unfortunately, in this prom, that guy on the right has no date. So I guess he’s swirling his head around in questions.

This is the only picture he drew in colour and yes, it’s another Angry Birds photo. Those pigs are trying to snatch the eggs again (but that’s not a surprise) but they also have a lot of wood. I’ll tell you what that wood is tomorrow (’cause I seriously don’t know). The Red Bird’s facial expression tells it all. They are OBSESSED with those eggs.

And now, considering my brother’s pictures are all done, let’s do mine. It’s Halloween soon. So let’s say a smiling ghost walked up to you, looked at you and did this:

Would you freak or laugh your head off? I don’t know what I’d do.

Now, thanks for joining me today and keep checking this blog out! Remember to comment if you like my brother’s drawings and please send fanart to! It will be featured on this blog depending when you sent it. Oh, And most important of all, behold my DRAWESOMENESS!


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