The Neil Flambé Capers

 Does anyone watch “Kitchen Nightmares”, “Hell’s Kitchen” or just the Food Network in general? Well, I know a great book series that is a mixture of both adventure, mystery, and… food. The Neil Flambé Capers, written by Kevin Sylvester. If you look at the cover, it doesn’t look as much like the drawing above, but my printer wasn’t working and I couldn’t print out any Neil bookmark for my book.

The latest Neil Flambé book, the Crusader’s Curse, is the book I recently got earlier this morning. It’s supposed to be about some curse which led all Flambés to the doom of never cooking another meal again. I’m like on Chapter 3 right now, and it’s shaping to be really interesting.

There were two reasons why I got this book. First of all, I am DYING to read it. And second of all, I’m going to meet the author on Tuesday at the Silver Birch celebration and I want a book for him to sign. I could’ve purchased purchased the e-book on the iPad, but try getting that autographed. Neil Flambé won last year for Silver Birch Fiction and I hope it does this year as well, although there is tough competition. There’s MILO, Undergrounders, Ghost Messages (which I find hard to believe that it actually got nominated) and all these other great book.

Kevin Sylvester, the guy who writes these food/mystery books, also has a submission for Silver Birch Non-Fiction: Game Day. All about behind the scenes of your favourite baseball games to soccer games.

But all I can say is, pick up the books, start reading and behold my drawesomeness!


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