The Adventures of Tintin

Today, my theme is Tintin. I don’t know why, but I created this doodle in my French “cahier” at school, and I really liked it. It had a Tintin haircut and stuff, so I decided to just turn it into Tintin itself. Sorry about the pig nose though, I thought it suited him. Then I drew these two pictures. The one on the right is just a comical one I made where he hears the word “death” and he’s thinking ‘what in the world?’ while in one of those funny ‘hop-to-action’ poses. The one on the left is just him with his logo. (To enlarge drawesomenesses, please click on them.)

Last year on my birthday, I actually got to see the Adventures of Tintin movie and that was really good. I heard they actually had to do the stunts and animate it in after, so that was really cool. I also really like the books of Tintin, although I barely get to read them. I find it really interesting and fun with all those adventures he has. One day, I actually got a Tintin book from my school library, and when I came home, my mom grabbed the book out of my hand and started reading it.

I always used to get Tintin confused with Rin-Tin-Tin somehow. But then I realized he was a dog. Anyways, I find Tintin an adventure loving European teenage boy (not like those modern teenagers) who loves getting caught up in whatever trouble seems to happen.

This has been my post for today and remember to check this blog out tomorrow! (Oh yeah, and behold my drawesomeness….)


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